The Process



Keep it brief

After recieving your email, I will send you a questionaree to review prior to scheduling a call.  The questions will encourage you to think deeper into how you envision the design, your audience, how it would be implemented upon completion, budget, and design preferences.

If I feel that the project is a good fit, I will put together a design brief.  Included in the brief will be an detailed overview of the project outcomes, business objectives, the cost of my services, and a project agreement -  the agreement must be signed before intiating the project.  After you approve of the brief and the agreement, then the fun begins!


Visual Research

Before I open any software or put pen to paper, I do the research.  This is the step where I reference the brief and do a thorough search using tools on and offline to gather inspiration for the design.  Typically I like to browse design websites and look at different styles, references and concept interpretations.  I also like to dig deeper into the history of your business, the industry and related articles.



Work, work, work!  My favorite part of the design process is being able to release all the ideas I thought up and filling my sketchbook with different concepts, variations and styles until something clicks.  

After I feel satsified with the concepts, I will choose 3-5 to refine and present.  If revisions are requested, then I will take the feedback into consideration and make the necessary adjustments.


Final Presentation

This is where I will finalize the concept(s) that the client approves.  Upon completion, I will format the design for print and digital purposes.  Any files the Client request will be included in the delivery.  As a bonus, I will include a style guide and instructions on how to use the files for convience.